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Why Quintess

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What you Gain with Quintess

The Quintess Advantage

Virtual Sales Experiences

Exclusive Homes and Quintess Adventures can be an Incentive Sales Experience

Extension of Resorts

Members can enjoy all the amenities of the resort while staying at an Exclusive Home. Providing additional value with no decline in resort occupancy

Upsell Opportunities

An incentive for top-tier owners to acquire more points

Enhance Product

Exclusive Homes are a value-add that enhances the membership experience

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Exclusive Homes have high post-trip survey scores

B2B White Label Wholesale
Business-to-Consumer Platform
Agent Platform
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Our Home Experience Advantage


  • Customized API integration
  • Live booking confirmation and availability
  • Customize access to multiple types of memberships in a turnkey manner

Vacation Home Operations

18 years of extensive experience securing, operating, and distributing luxury homes on a worldwide basis through a membership marketplace

Membership Club

  • Club member customized services
  • Rewards/Incentive programs
  • Membership & subscription options
  • Retention and upgrade sales

Real Estate Stragegy

  • Sourcing, acquisition, legal underwriting
  • Home onboarding and support
  • Interior design services
  • FEE/OSE package standards

Product Development

Curated portfolio of homes based on specific types of homes, in specific markets, within and array of price points, accompanied with customized services

Portfolio Management

Product performance is evaluated by monitoring and reporting KPIs using business intelligence analytics

Quality Control

  • Quality inspections, including pre-arrival and post-departure
  • Member satisfaction surveys

Risk Mitigation

  • Financial analysis, revenue, and yield management, pricing
  • Product and market analysis

A Global Portfolio of Luxury Properties and Adventures

Competitive Advantage

Your Portfolio in Action

For an example of one of our custom vacation portfolio’s click the link below!


Quintess Collection