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Which Solution Is Right For Your Business?

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As travel continues to be an integral part of business operations, the role of travel agents in facilitating smooth and efficient travel arrangements for your clients is vital. However, with all of the options available, choosing the right one for your business is overwhelming. In this post, we’ll review the best options and what makes sense for your business.

  1. Quintess: Quintess has over seventeen years of experience in the luxury travel market and is recognized in the industry as a full-service provider of leasing, portfolio management, trip booking, adventures, member management, hosting, field support, and more. Quintess has developed a model providing best practices in securing, managing, and monetizing luxury assets while increasing profit margins with minimal risk. With our years of experience in managing the most seasoned travelers, Quintess guarantees high-value service and attention to detail to our corporate clients and their members as well as those who just purely love to travel.

The Quintess Difference:

  • An easy-to-use portal

Access to 10,000+ curated homes worldwide

  • Exclusive Adventures and Experiences
  • White glove services like a private chef, transportation, and more
  • Resources to help you be successful include blank social media templates, a blank web page template, recorded webinars, and more
  • 12% commission on new bookings
  1. Villas of Distinction: At Villas of Distinction, their reputation for hospitality, staff, and services is well-known. The company holds itself to a high standard, providing everything from personal gardeners to a personal villa concierge to make your client’s trip seamless. However, while they offer a high level of service, Quintess makes it personal by taking the time to learn more about your client, their family, and their interests. With this knowledge, we personalize your client’s travel experience to make it more tailored to their needs and preferences.
  1. Privadia: Privadia takes pride in its ability to offer a quick and effortless way of finding luxury villas in Europe, thanks to its custom-built technology platform and unmatched commitment to service. Meanwhile, Quintess provides a similarly fast and simple way of finding luxury villas, but with the added benefit of an easy-to-use portal.
  1. Top Villas: Top Villas is a well-regarded villa rental company with an impressive selection of high-quality homes, with over 9,000 properties available in 150 destinations. However, Quintess provides more options for your clients with a portfolio of 10,000+ luxury homes located worldwide, as well as the ability to arrange exclusive adventures and experiences to enhance their travel experience.

Quintess stands out as a full-service provider in the luxury asset management and travel industry. With over 17 years of experience, Quintess has developed a successful model. Choose Quintess as your Travel Agent partner and get a 12% commission on new bookings.

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